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Arrosam Ltd will cease trading on 30th April 2019 prior to the company being dissolved at the earliest opportunity after that.

The Arrow’s Point

The Arrow's Point is a monthly-ish round-up of news, views and opinions on sales and marketing for the Science, Industry and Technology Sectors.

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NOTE: Change of mailing address

From 4th April 2016, our new mailing address will be:

1105 Christchurch Road

All other contact details remain unchanged.

Please update your records accordingly.


If you receive an e-mail requesting payments for outstanding invoices please ignore it and add the address to your spam filter. These e-mails DO NOT orIginate from Arrosam Ltd. Someone is sending spoofed e-mails with a forged sender address either to infect your computer with a virus or to defraud you. (Dated 28 April 2016)

The Cost of Discount

“If we could just reduce the price, we can win the order.” How often have you heard (or said) this? With very few exceptions, businesses don’t buy solely on price. And yet, generations of salespeople have trained buyers to ask for, and expect to get, a discount before they will place an order. If it’s

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