So, What About Your Competitors?

Don’t kid yourself that you don’t have any competitors! Even if you are offering the latest, most whizzy technology, someone else will be trying to meet your prospects needs with what they have. Failing that, you may well be competing against ‘no decision’ as outlined in Bob Apollo’s post from 2009 here. It’s a tough

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Science Makes the World Go Round

“Children find physics, maths and chemistry ‘too difficult’” was the alarming headline I recently saw. “Crikey,” I thought, channelling my inner Penfold, “that’s bad news for future British innovations.” Then I started looking a little more deeply into the story. It turns out that that the survey which produced this startling quote was of the

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Riding the Product Lifecycle

Did you know that the majority of products have a lifecycle? That graph over on the left illustrates how sales volume varies during the various phases. What you may not appreciate is that sales and marketing requirements differ depending on where your products are within their lifecycle.