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Arrosam is a business development consultancy focused on working with UK B2B companies in the Science, Engineering and Technology sectors.  If there was a Mathematics sector, we would be there as well so we could use the STEM acronym!

It has been said that

Nothing happens until somebody sells something.

We are blessed to be living in a country that punches way above its weight for inventiveness.

Whilst many of our inventions will turn into commercial products, novelty (innovation) can have a limited shelf-life. It’s the repeated ‘selling of something’, after the initial flush of success, that generates the maximum return on your investment in R&D. It also ensures the long-term viability of your company.

That’s where we fit in. Decades of front-line sales experience selling products like yours into the markets you deal with means we understand your challenges and know how to overcome them to win more orders.

When selling technical products and services it is very easy just to concentrate on all of the technical features. This is particularly true when selling to the people who will actually use what you are selling. However, features are only a small part of the story.

We are particularly adept at looking beyond the features, identifying what is really important to your clients and communicating clearly how your products, services and your company meet their specific requirements.

Using this knowledge, we can also refine your existing sales process, or create a new robust process, to ensure that the way you sell is based on how your prospective customers buy.

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 Neil Fletcher – Director 

Neil_FletcherNeil started his sales and marketing career in 1988 providing sales support for a range of international distributors and agents for a gas detection manufacturer. He hasn’t looked back since and a couple of years ago wrote this to a colleague who was considering move into sales:

Sales is the only place to be! Every day is a new challenge (how many new prospects can I find today, how many can I convert to leads, will I make that sale or not); you have the intellectual stimulation of understanding your customers needs and identifying if and how you can fulfil them, you get to test yourself in ‘combat’ with your competitors, you get the incredible highs of winning orders and the depressing lows of losing them and, if you’re very lucky, you get to travel the world at somebody else’s expense! What’s not to like?

He has worked in small companies (which is where the marketing experience was picked up) selling scientific equipment to universities.  He has worked for large companies (the largest being one of the 50 biggest companies in the world) selling measurement equipment into the steel industry.  He has worked in a range of companies and a wide range of industrial markets, picking up knowledge and the understanding of how to apply that knowledge on the way.

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or get in touch directly by e-mail, NeilF (at) arrosam (dot) co (dot) uk, telephone (01202) 882997 or mobile (07932) 355524.