What We Do

In it’s most simple form, B2B selling is the exchange of goods and services for money. In the complex real world in which we live, there’s a bit more to it than that!

  • You’re generally selling to more than one person, usually from different departments and always with differing opinions on what they need.
  • You’re generally not the only supplier being considered. Some will be like you, some will be quite different.
  • Sometimes, the customer decides that the status quo is the best option and does nothing. Not before you’ve spent a large amount of time and effort trying to convince them otherwise, of course!

Sound familiar?

We’re guessing that you’re reading this because you encounter some or all of these issues and want to improve your sales results.

So how can Arrosam actually help you?

Sales Pipeline Health Check

Regardless of what you are selling, there is always a multi-step path from lead to order. Whether or not you have a formal sales process, the initial approach would generally be a Sales Pipeline Health Check.

This fixed price service will generate a ranked list of actions required to improve the flow of prospects through your sales pipeline.

Sales Pipeline Analysis

If you are looking for a more detailed strategic and tactical plan to help you win more business more efficiently and more profitably, then the Sales Pipeline Analysis may be more appropriate.

This customised service looks deeply into some or all aspects of your pipeline to identify where and why bottlenecks exist. It will provide detailed recommendations on which improvements need to be made to help you win more business, more profitably.

Sales Process Creation

In January 2015, Harvard Business Review stated that “there was an 18% difference in revenue growth between companies that defined a formal sales process and companies that didn’t.”

Relying on the same methodology used in the Sales Pipeline Health Check and Analysis, we work with you to identify the specific stages in YOUR sales pipeline and the criteria you and your customers use to progress from one stage to the next.

From this, together we create a formal sales process with clearly defined stages and milestones that are universally understood.

Your unique sales process removes the guesswork often associated with pipeline review or sales forecast meetings. Both sales managers and sales people will know where a particular deal stands and what needs to be done to move more deals to successful closure.

If needed, we can also train your sales team on the importance to them of using the new formalised sales process.

Let us know how we can help

These are the core services we can offer as a business development consultancy but, as we’ve been around the block a few times, there’s lots more we can turn our hand to!

If you want to know how we can help, please contact us with an outline of what you’re looking to do and we’ll be in touch.

If we cannot help then we probably know someone who can.