Prospecting & Lead Generation

Gold_prospectorBefore you can ever sell anything, you need to know who is going to buy it.  Ask yourself a number of questions.

The first set of questions revolves around what you are offering and to whom.  Is this a new product or service for an existing market?  Is it an existing product or service into a new market?  Is it a new product or service into a new market?

Each scenario will require a different approach depending on what you are trying to achieve.  Are you building credibility in a new product (existing market), credibility in your company (existing product) or, in the toughest scenario, both?

Once those questions have been answered, the next set to be answered are “How do we find prospective customers?” and “How do prospective customers find us?”

The choice of channels available to you can be overwhelming.  Do you take the traditional routes – cold calling, exhibitions, advertising – or do you take the modern approach – website, social media, on-line forums?  Or’ do you take a hybrid route, using the best tools from both ‘traditional’ and ‘modern’?

There is no one ‘best way’ to find prospective customers and generate leads but the over-riding approach should always be guided by “Fish where the fish are”.  There’s no point in creating a fantastic Facebook page if none of your prospective customers use Facebook for business.

We will work with you to answer these questions and to develop the strategy and tactics best suited to achieve your goals.

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