Sales Pipeline Health Check

Stages in a Basic Sales and Marketing FunnelWhen you visit the doctor he or she asks a series of questions to work out what is wrong with you. Your answers help them determine how best to treat you and restore you to health.

The Sales Pipeline Health Check is a little like this visit. It starts with a series of targeted questions designed to identify the specific stages in YOUR pipeline. Once these are understood, we look at the criteria you use to progress from one stage to the next and the speed at which this progress happens.

We will also examine what support materials are available to your salespeople, such as

  • Brochures
  • Presentations
  • Case Studies
  • White Papers
  • Proposals (templates or examples)
  • Published Articles
  • Demonstration Software
  • …and so on

…and how and when they are used.

Applying our experience to your answers, we create a  Sales Pipeline Health Check report. This highlights the areas which we feel could be improved. It also provides general recommendations on how these improvements can be achieved. The actions required to improve the flow of prospects through your sales pipeline will be ranked in order of impact.

The cost of the Sales Pipeline Health Check is fixed at £750 £500 and includes:

  • On-site meeting of up to 4 hours duration
  • All travel costs associated with this visit (Mainland England, I.O.W. & Wales only)
  • Printed and bound report plus e-copy
  • Post-report telephone consultation

The following are not included but can also be provided:

  • Recommendations over and above the report contents
  • Detailed strategy and tactics to implement the report recommendations
  • Coaching or training of staff

The report is yours to use in any way you wish but, of course, we will be happy to work through specific improvements with you as part of our Sales Pipeline Analysis.

Sales Pipeline Analysis

This customised service looks deeply into some or all aspects of your pipeline to create detailed strategic and tactical plan to help you win more business more efficiently and more profitably. Find out more here.

Contact us to establish the health of your sales pipeline.